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Galactic Village Games has assembled a highly talented team, including graphic artists, game designers, network engineers, and top-notch programmers from industry, academia, and the military. In addition to experience in the game industry, our senior team members have many years of experience in relational databases, network security, and distributed systems, which are all critical components of massive online games.

Brad Myers, Founder, President, Chief Architect

  • 8 years of experience in computer game industry, including core work on best-selling computer games.
  • 16 years of experience building large-scale database and AI systems for financial and manufacturing industries.
  • Experienced manager, systems architect, and object-oriented programmer.
  • Has founded several software start-up companies.

Joe Sivak, V.P. of Operations

  • 23 years of technical management experience with state-of-the-art games-related technologies.
  • Impressive track record producing high-quality, marketable software products.
  • Has been a V.P. of Development and Manager of Professional and Technical Services.
  • M.S. in Aerospace and Mechanical Sciences from Princeton University.

Elizabeth Hinkelman, V.P. of Development

  • 20 years of experience in computer science, with focus on R&D of AI systems.
  • Has managed cross-disciplinary R&D teams for start-ups, academia, and defense.
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, specializing in Artificial Intelligence.

Ira Cooper, Network and Security Architect

  • 3 years of experience in imaging, video, and 3D rendering systems.
  • 5 years of experience in building advanced network architectures for military defense contractor.
  • 4 years of building large scale client/server applications with focus on algorithms and performance
  • B.S. in Computer Science/Math from R.P.I.
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