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Additional contributors

John O'Neil, Game Designer

  • John was involved early as a senior game designer, and contributed numerous important game design ideas, including city mechanics, territory, and modules.

Jamie Siglar, Webmaster and UI Designer

  • Jamie revamped the web site and did all of the early 3D building models, as well as working on UI design and keeping the rest of us honest!

Brian Yamauchi, Game Designer

  • Brian was one of the earliest team members, and he contributed game design ideas, including different races for units and NPCs. Many of his species ideas will be released into an expansion pack for Galactic Village, after the initial launch.

Chris Leger, Graphic Artist & Webmaster

  • Chris was one of the earliest team members, and he created the first round of graphics for Galactic Village. He also created the Galactic Village logo and was the original webmaster for the company.

Dave Walend, Algorithms Programmer

  • Dave was one of the earliest team members, and he worked on early versions of several Galactic Village components, including pathfinding and a tech tree graphing tool. Dave was also a big contributor to the early design of the game.

Dominique Gautier, Programmer and 3D Modeller

  • Dom worked on several of the early 3D models and animations.

Abdulrahmane Bezrati, 3D Programmer

  • Abdul worked on some of the Galactic Village 3D programming while a student at UMass Lowell. He wrote the particle system that is used for the glowing sun.

Steven Sivak, Game Designer (Intern)

  • Steven designed many of the starter-kit units, including capabilities and costs, as intern.

Tyler Trulson, Game Designer (Intern)

  • Tyler designed the excellent "hero" system and several new quests during his high-school internship

Michael Theurer, Graphic Artist

  • Michael is a graduate of Full Sail University, and worked on several of the 3D models. He is the creator of the wild boar model, among others

Alex Reeve, 3D and Tools Programmer

  • Alex is a Computer Science/Math graduate from Cornell University, and helped with several game design aspects.

Tim Johnson, Tools Programmer (Intern)

  • Tim did some great programming on the unit editor and quest editor tools, during his internship while at Bucknell

Julian Caballero, Tools Programmer (Intern)

  • Julian worked on the planet-cooker toolkit as an intern while at MIT

Ben Perry, Game and Story Designer

  • Ben has been a big contributor on the quest design and a bunch of the quest content

John Kraybill, Musician

  • John composed several custom music pieces for use as ambient and introduction music.

Justin Miller, Concept and Texture Artist

  • Justin's unique vision helped establish the "fantastical" graphics style for the game, and he continues to work on concept art and building units.

Henry Barker, Game Designer

  • Henry designed some of the monster NPC concepts, including the ferocious Nihilodon

Word Way, Wordsmithing and PR

  • Word Way designed our information packets and the game description documents, and will help us put together our comprehensive user guide.

indie technologies, Java3D Special F/X

  • indie technologies developed the Genesis FX™ particle system for Java3D, which we use for most of our miracle effects, as well as for volcanic eruptions, tornados, meteor showers, and other natural disasters in the game.

Treanor Brothers Animation, 3D Animations

Beth Swan Studios, 2D Artist

  • Beth Swan of Black Swan Design designed our color scheme and updated GUI style guidelines, including the compass rose.

Sam Howell, 3D Artist and Modeller

  • Sam joined us just before our IGF 2006 deadline and helped get some key graphics assets completed just in time!

Madhavi Phadke, Graphic Artist

  • Madhavi designed many of the early icons, and also created the graphics for the very first planet!

TWJ Consulting, Corporate Sponsor

  • TWJ Consulting is our first corporate sponsor, and uses our persistence library in advanced scheduling systems.

Red Eye Studios, 2D and 3D Artwork

  • Red Eye Studios developed several of our early 3D models and gave us guidance on developing a style.
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