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In Galactic Village™ you are an immortal demigod with cosmic powers and your own personal tribe. Compete and cooperate with other players to make your part of the galaxy thrive. Balance diplomacy, war, religion, and science, as you gain influence, keep your people happy, and expand out from your home planet to conquer space.

Galactic Village™ - Across the Eras is a series of games set within the same online galaxy. The first game starts in the early Renaissance period with simple strategies and lore. Each new game in the series presents a new era ranging from fantastical and industrial through galaxy-spanning empires. As an immortal demigod, you can carry some of your units from one game to the next. There are many eras to explore and master, with new lore, units, and god powers to play with in each era!

Galactic Village™ MMO-lite games are smaller and quicker to play than other MMO (massively multiplayer online) games. Each game lasts about a month, but you don't have to play every hour of it. If you have less time to play, you can easily step in and out of the game and your units can act on their own when you are offline. If you have more time, then you can build up powerful leader units and progress to higher levels of grand strategy. You can choose to focus just on your own tribe, or you can join together to form teams with your friends and family to build even bigger empires.


Think Globally, Act Galactically!™



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