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Galactic Village™ is still in development.

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Welcome to Galactic Village™, where you are an immortal demigod.

Influence the little people of the galaxy. Participate in a vast interconnected society and help it to grow and prosper over time. Don't worry about racing the clock… the galaxy goes on forever. Keep score against your own Success Formula, increase your sphere of influence and expand your tribe, and eventually you can control a far-flung interstellar empire and be at the center of huge pan-galactic alliances.

Only you can determine what it means to win.

How will you define success for your civilization? Longevity? Fame? Happiness? Wealth? Territory? Religious faith? Scientific progress? Accomplish your tasks and perform well in the game, and you'll reach many milestones and further your success. But watch out — if you make a lot of blunders or make too many enemies, you will have a difficult time achieving success. Other demigods are playing in the same world as you, and your reputation with this community is also part of your success.

Cooperate and compete to improve your tribe's condition.

Keep your own people happy and well-fed, and they will stay loyal to you; sit back while population growth takes place in your tribe, influence neutral units to join you, or even acquire units from other players. Learn, trade, or steal the right technologies, and your units can begin to interact with the larger community of advanced civilizations. Use your demigod status to create a Miracle, or combine your divine influence with that of other players to create a Group Miracle. Chat with the rest of the player community, make friends and enemies, and if you choose, band together in a team with lots of other players.

Play according to the time you have available.

Take a turn while you're online: you have a few minutes to give your orders before each turn ends. When you're not online, your units can accept orders from intelligent Leader Units or make their own choices based on current needs and outstanding orders. Using turns, you can play nonstop for hours at a time, or log in once or twice a day, look around and give orders, and log out again in less than an hour. Your tribe won't grind to a halt just because you're not logged on and telling them what to do. They might even amaze you with their accomplishments while you're gone!

Enjoy the more transcendent elements of the real world.

The real world consists of more than just food, clothing, shelter and loot. So does Galactic Village. A successful civilization requires elements from eight different Sectors: Security, Government, Prosperity, Knowledge, Craft, Nature, Culture, and Health. Your choice of Success Formula will guide you in how to balance the Sectors in your civilization. These Sectors can be shared among several different cooperating players. In addition, rivalries can arise among Factions, even in the same Sector.

See your score on the Galactic Village Who's Who scoreboard.

The galaxy is constantly evolving so there can be no final winners or losers, but you can keep score. Players are rated according to how well they have progressed according to their own Success Formula, and every time they reach a milestone they become more powerful and capable. Other players can see your score, even though they don't know your own Success Formula. When you've played for a long time and achieved a high success rating, you can become an elder god. Then you can manipulate portions of the galaxy, tweak the laws of physics, and even create your own micro-universe for your friends to play in.


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