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May 2012

We brought Tyler Trulson on board for an internship, and he has been busy working on quests and new game systems, notably the new "hero" subsystem!

January 2011

Slow and steady does the trick -- We've recently added several new quests along with an improved quest editor and quest engine!

September 2009

We've been working quietly on the game and infrastructure during these tough economic times, but making good progress towards a launch!

August 2007

We've officially converted from a LLC to a Corporation, in preparation for our upcoming investment round. We're still woring on changing over all the LLC references to Inc., though!

February 2007

Getting ready for the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco!  Check out the new screenshots

January 2007

We've finished reworking the framework for Galactic Village™, which will be launched as a series of MMO-lite games instead of one big MMO. This is an exciting change to a more time-friendly format, which makes us a lot different from the time-grinding MMO games out there.

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