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Galactic Village Games, Inc. was founded by Brad Myers in 1998.  Mr. Myers is the chief architect and primary principal of Galactic Village Games.  Mr. Myers has assembled an impressive technical team, including graphical artists, game designers, sound engineers, and top programmers from industry, academia, and the military.


Galactic Village Games' flagship game is Galactic Village™-Across the Eras, a series of massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game that support thousands of simultaneous players across hundreds of planets.

All of the Galactic Village™ games are actually MMO-lite, meaning they are smaller and quicker to play than other MMO games. Each game provides a rich, family-friendly experience with up to 100 hours of online gameplay over a one month game. We are making games for busy people with real lives, who want to play rich and challenging online games with their friends and families, but don't have as much time to play. Our games are easy access and time-friendly.

There are several advanced technologies behind Galactic Village.  These include an innovative world-representation model for creating realistic planets, intelligent agents that will play on behalf of a player when they are not there, and advanced message processing to handle the huge volume of data the players will generate as they run the galaxy.


Brad Myers was involved in several game companies in the mid-80s, and helped create the immensely popular Dungeons & Dragons computer games for Strategic Simulations, Inc., starting with Pool of Radiance.  He then went into industry, where he excelled in corporate database consulting and project management.  He has started several software companies, including a data-mining company, a web products company, and an enterprise consulting company. He has worked with advanced technologies such as distributed systems and rules-based systems for several years, and, of course, he is an enthusistic game player.


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